Friday, November 16, 2012

scheme to repair Blackberry 8520 ( Gemini )

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The following below is a schematic blackberry 8520 (Gemini) hardware solution.

BB 8520 Memory Card Solution

BB 8520 USB ways

BB 8520 Trackpad Solution

BB 8520 Driver keypad & LCD

BB 8520 Ringer Ways

BB 8520 Signal SOS Solution

BB 8520 Handsfree Solution

BB gemini Speaker and Buzzer Ways

Blackberry 8520 Hang Solution

Blackberry 8520 Cross Battery

Blackberry 8520 Display LCD Ways

BB 8520 Camera Solution

BB 8520 Battery Track

BB 8520 keypad not work

unplug each one marked with red color, because it serves as a surge protector only.

BB 8520 loading 75% stuck

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